Character Profile - Adam Warlock

Adam Fairy... no, no, no it's Warlick.

Name: Adam Warlock, Him

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Artificially created and genetically engineered human superhero

Gender: Male

Age: At least Several decades

Powers and Abilities: super speed, super durability, invulnerability, super resistance to injury, super stamina and endurance, super strength, flight, teleportation, super reflexes, super agility, immortality, longevity, regeneration (requires entering a cocooned state, this can also change/evolve his powers), super immune system, cosmic senses, energy manipulation and projection, matter manipulation, forcefields generation, telekinesis, telepathy, immunity to illusions and telepathic assault, astral projection, outside of the realms of Chaos and Order (means that destiny doesn't apply to him so causality manipulation won't work, and even cosmic beings can't keep track of him), can survive as a soul if his physical body is destroyed, he can also construct new bodies for himself and others, will always resurrect upon dying, reality warping when in Soul World, can control the Soul Gem remotely, knowledge of pressure points and martial arts, resistant to reality warping, soul manipulation, can survive in space

Attack Potency: Star level+

Range: Cross - dimensional

Weaknesses: If he is hurt too badly he has to regenerate inside of a cacoon that can taker years to fully heal him, if he emerges from the cacoon too early he will be weakened, the Soul Gem can fight against his control, he has expressed fear that absorbing the soul of someone too evil will corrupt him

Lifting Strength: In the 1,000,000 ton range

Striking Strength: In the exatonne (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons of force) range, due to him being capable of trading blows with Thanos, Silver Surfer, Drax, etc.

Durability: Star level+, but immortality makes him almost impossible to kill

Stamina: Largely superhuman, and Soul Gem replenishes his endurance

Speed: Largely FTL (at least 1,000,000x the speed of light)

Intelligence: Large cosmic knowledge including all of the knowledge of every being he has ever soul - ripped, incredible strategist (created plans to defeat Infinity Gauntlet wielders and other cosmic beings), very creative in battle, considered a genius even by superhuman standards

Standard Equipment: The Soul Gem, one of the six Infinity Gems, which is itself a sapient being that attempts to control its users. Adam Warlock is one of the few beings in the universe who can use it without being controlled. With its use, his senses are massively increased, he can perform Karmic blasts and soul rips, as well as much more advanced soul manipulation. The gem contains a dimension inside of it called Soul World, which Adam can control. All souls that have been stolen by the gem end up as phantoms in Soul World, Adam will gain all of the knowledge and intelligence of these souls. He can also temporarily bring beings back from the dead, learn foreign languages instantly, edit the minds and memories of others, cross dimensions, immune to time manipulation (including timestop), can link his soul to others which allows him to track them anywhere and gain limited control over their powers, can put souls inside of soulless beings to harm them

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Cold Light of Truth: Another power of the Soul Gem that can kill soulless beings.
  • Karmic Blast: An blast of energy from the soul gem which overwhelms the target's anima centers, effectively stunning them by targeting their soul.
  • Soul Rip: Using the Soul Gem, he sucks out a being's soul. Usually an instant - kill technique.