Character Profile - Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)

You're not Billy?

Name: Mar - Vell, Captain Marvel

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Genetically modified alien/Kree superhero

Gender: Male

Age: At least several decades old

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super durability, invulnerability, super resistance to injury, super endurance, super speed, flight, super reflexes, super agility, cosmic senses, photonic energy blasts, survive in space, genius - level intellect, great with complex alien machinery

Attack Potency: Star level+

Range: At least 1 planetary diameter

Weaknesses: None notable

Lifting Strength: 15 tons

Striking Strength: Around 1 hectotonne (100 tons of force)

Durability: Planet level+

Stamina: Superhuman

Speed: FTL (at least 5x the speed of light)

Intelligence: Extensive knowledge of the technologically advanced vehicles and devices of the Kree Empire; Highly trained as a tactician and hand-to-hand combatant by the Kree military. Your intelligence is superior to the humans to come to a planet that is at a difference of scientific development, so the Captain Marvel is able to match the most current thinkers marvel universe as they made ​​great calculations in a matter of milliseconds and is also extremely skilled in the field of robotics, mechanics, advanced mathematics. Such is his quick thinking and management of mathematics a scientist was unable to keep pace.

Standard Equipment: Kree Nega - Bands

Notable Attack/TechniquesEdit

  • Photonic Energy Blasts: Mar-Vell launches energy at his opponent that is powerful enough to destroy stars twice the size of earth.