Character Profile - Firestorm

Simply awesome!

Name: Jason Thomas Rusch, Firestorm

Origin: DC Comics

Classification: Human altered by the Firestorm Matrix

Gender: Male

Age: Teenager, possibly older now

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super leaping, super durability, invulnerability, super resistance to injury, super endurance, super speed, flight, capable of creating dimensional portals, super reflexes, super agility, regenerative healing factor, cosmic senses, energy manipulation, absorption, and projection, matter manipulation, phasing, intangibility, able to host multiple consciousnesses in his mind and merge with other beings (this can be used to mindrape them as well), enhanced mental powers, immune to telepathy, psychometry, precognition, connection to an abstract elemental being of fire, can produce nuclear reactions, shapeshifting, size changing, can survive in space and without food, water, or air, can create forcefields, can manipulate and create antimatter, teleportation, highly resistant to poisons and diseases, can create energy constructs (and imbue them with intelligence), the Firestorm Matrix itself is non-corporeal, and if its host is killed it will just find a new one, capable of granting power to others, can manipulate wormholes, absorption (can absorb the energy/radiation of a a 500+ kiloton nuclear explosion at minimum), can freeze things to absolute zero by manipulating heat energy, weather manipulation, can see inside the atomic structure of an object, can change the molecules of his enemy

Attack Potency: Planet level+ | Star system level+ (potentially universe level, as he has the power to start a new Big Bang)

Range: At least several planetary diameters, anything he can see is pretty much inside of his range

Weaknesses: Needs to know the chemical composition of something he wants to transmute (this is easy for the target since his senses can probe it at the subatomic level but he needs to memorize the formulas for what he wanted to transmute it into, for example if he wants to turn steel into bronze he doesn't need to know the formula for steel but needs to know the formula for bronze). If he merges with someone whose mind is too powerful they can affect him or even wrest control of the Matrix away from him

Lifting Strength: Capable of amping himself to at least Class 50 | Unknown

Striking Strength: Planet Class+ | Unknown

Durability: Planet level+ (intangibility and regeneration make him very difficult to kill) | Nearly impossible to be killed

Stamina: Very high | Limitless

Speed: FTL (At least 5x the speed of light) | Massively FTL (At least 1,000,000,000x the speed of light)

Intelligence: Very intelligent, has a decent amount of experience, knows many chemical formulas, has a physics professor's brain and many others inside of his head to help him | Claims to know all of the mysteries of the universe

Standard Equipment: None notable

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Matrix Merge: Firestorm is capable of merging someone into the Firestorm Matrix by simply looking at them, there he can kill them mentally.
  • Transmutation: Firestorm can transmute nearly any kind of matter or energy into nearly any other kind of matter or energy simply by thinking it, he doesn't have to physically be in contact or fire a beam at it.

Key: Firestorm | Elemental Firestorm