Character Profile - Superman

"It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then... he shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him" - Batman

Name: Clark Kent, Kal - El, Superman

Origin: DC Comics

Classification: Alien/Kryptonian superhero

Gender: Male

Age: Over 40 years old

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, superhuman durability, invulnerability, superhuman resistance to injury, superhuman stamina and endurance, superhuman speed, flight, superhuman reflexes, superhuman agility, superhuman dexterity, longevity, self-sustenance, superhuman immune system, regenerative healing factor, energy absorption, superhuman scream, superhuman breath, arctic breath, superhuman hearing, superhuman smell, superhuman vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, electro-magnetic spectrum vision, infrared vision, ultra-violet vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, master martial artist, Torquasm-Vo, Torquasm-Rao, skilled with alien technology, under a blue sun his powers are boosted and he gains the ability to imbue others with his powers

Tier: 4-B | Low 1-C

Attack Potency: Solar System Level | Low Metaverse Level

Range: Universal+ | Low Metaversal+

Weaknesses: None

Lifting Strength: Godly

Striking Strength: Solar System Class | Low Metaversal

Durability: Solar System Level | Low Metaverse Level

Stamina: Godly, can fight for years without tiring

Speed: Massively FTL+ | Omnipresent

Intelligence: Superman has shown super genius intelligence and computational abilities; his mind works sharply and with extreme speed relative to earth-humans. Capable of processing information extremely quickly and storing a lot, expert in various alien technologies (he can invent and build new things with Kryptonian technology rather easily), martial arts skills, good deductive and leadership skills, massive battle experience with a myriad of powerful beings | Nign-Omniscient

Standard Equipment: None notable

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Heat Vision: Superman can accurately target things smaller than human beings from orbit, narrow or wide-beam, heat intensity can be greater than the core of the sun, can modulate it to deliver different frequencies and types to best affect his opponent after analyzing them with his sensory powers, can generate enough power to move entire planets.
  • Orbital Piledriver: Superman grabs his opponent, flies them into space, and then smashes them back into the earth. This causes damage from freezing in space, suffocation from lack of atmosphere, friction burning from atmospheric re-entry, and physical impact damage from the landing.
  • Super Breath: Superman exhales wind with great force with his own breath.
    • Arctic Breath: Superman freezes his opponents with his breath.
  • Super Scream: Superman uses his very powerful vocal cords to project a "super scream". He used this ability to cancel out the impending threat of an already exploding nuclear detonation, and when he destroyed Darkseid's essence from the Miracle Machine by singing a cord at such a frequency that it countered Darksied's own vibrational frequency,thus destroying his essence.
  • Torquasm-Vo: Kryptonian mental discipline, achieved by meditating to reach a "Theta State", allows for reality warping and resistance of various attacks such as transmutation and soul attacks.
  • Torquasm-Rao: Allows him to tap into his instincts and separate himself from his body. Makes him able to prevent others from manipulating his mind and allows him to fight on the astral plane.
  • X-Ray - Pressure Point Combo: Superman uses his X-Ray Vision to see his intended targets pressure points then using his immense speed he precisely strikes every single one of them.