Character Profile - Swordsman


Name: Andreas von Strucker, Swordsman

Origin: Marvel Comics

Classification: Bio - engineered human

Gender: Male

Age: In his 20s' - 30s' at the time of his death

Power and Abilities: Peak human strength, peak human leaping, peak human durability, peak human resistance to injury, peak human endurance, peak human speed, flight, peak human reflexes, peak human agility, plasma blast, skilled fighter, skilled swordsman

Attack Potency: Building level+

Range: Several dozen feet with plasma blast

Weaknesses: Has to be touching his sister in - order to use his flight or plasma blast

Lifting Strength: Around peak human (800 lbs)

Striking Strength: Around peak human (800 lbs of force)

Durability: Wall level+

Stamina: Around peak human

Speed: Around peak human

Intelligence: Skilled fighter, skilled swordsman

Standard Equipment: Sword (wire - detachable for use as a grappling hook, a strap of leather made of his sisters skin is mounted onto the hilt of a blade for use of his powers)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

  • Plasma Blast: Swordsman was bio - engineered by his father. He can generate plasma in the form of concussive blasts while in contact with any part of his sister Andrea. Since her death, he uses a leather strap made from her skin to accomplish this.
  • Flight: Andreas has also demonstrated the ability to fly while in contact with Andrea.